Comparative Law and Global Law is a project looking to establish a new network of scholars and civil society actors exploring comparative law and globalization.

We appear to be living in the era of the “global”. An increasingly globalised world poses challenges for legal disciplines, challenging our conception of the development and deployment of legal norms, the articulation of legal systems and the boundaries between the conceptually contested areas of the national, the international and the global. Traditionally, comparative law compares the treatment of legal issues across jurisdictions while global law advances the idea of universal legal concepts. This project will explore the scholarly boundaries between comparative and global law and scrutinize the challenges that arise in both fields. We hope to address the topics of institutional participation in the development of global and comparative law, plurality and the transposition and adaption of national concepts for the global space.


If you are interested in the project or want to find out more

Tweet: @_CLGL

Email: Se-shauna Wheatle and Ruth Houghton

seshauna.wheatle[@]durham.ac.uk / r.a.houghton[@]durham.ac.uk


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